BMW ///M Experience

at Bira Circuit, Pattaya

26-27 Oct 2019

Special Price for BMW Owners with Membership


Normal Price ฿24,000

Special offers only eligible to the BMW owners with VIN number registered on the Ultimate JOY website.
Please update your VIN number at your Profile in advance to ensure the quick booking process.


A Racetrack Experience with BMW M2

Get ready to test your driving skill and enjoy a thrilling experience with BMW M2. Highly experienced BMW driving instructors will guide you through this special driving course at Bira Circui. For more information, click “Download More Info” below. !!! In case of Fully Booked, please make sure to leave your name in the waiting list to get prior contact for the next round. !!!

A Racetrack Experience with BMW M2


Special Price for BMW Owners with Membership
Normal Price

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Terms and conditions
  1. The event will be opened for booking in order only to the following groups consecutively
    JOYX member who has passed BMW Driving Experience: Advanced Training Course at Area 51 or BMW Driving Experience in International Experience trip. Any unqualified booking will be cancelled with no refund.
  2. Limit 1 purchase per person.
  3. Please show confirmation email upon arrival.
  4. Please prepare the copy of your vehicle registration document with the page stating registered owner and vehicle tax payment to verify your ownership.
  5. The cost for follower is 2,900 Baht per person. Followers are not allowed to enter driving area or get in the vehicle. Each follower will receive BMW M T-shirt, a cap, and a souvenir, together with food and beverage.
  6. This offer cannot be refunded or exchanged to cash.
  7. Valid only when booking and payment are made consecutively on; please pay within 5 minutes or the transaction will be automatically annulled without notice.
  8. Limited availability. The privilege is granted on a first-come, first-served basis.
  9. The privilege can be transferred to a child, a parent, or a spouse of the BMW owner only.
  10. The company reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions without notice.
  11. The company reserves the right to issue no refund in any case.

BMW Driving Instructors

Highly experienced instructors from BMW will guide you through an unforgettable experience on a racetrack where safety and fun are our priorities.

Bira Circuit

90-minute drive from Bangkok, Bira Circuit is a short distance from Pattaya. It is considered one of the most challenging and most well-known racing circuit in Thailand.

The Powerful BMW M2

A big fan of BMW M will not miss a chance to get behind the wheel of BMW M2. The car is full of pure energy and was built for serious driving!

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