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  1. Is the website membership limited to only BMW owners?

    The Ultimate JOY Lounge website does not limit its membership. Members can be both BMW owners and people who are not. However, the benefits and privileges members get on the website will be different. Only BMW owners can fully access benefits and privileges or access them at special prices that are different from those offered to non-BMW users.

  2. Why must the chassis serial number be entered in the member application menu?

    Entering the BMW chassis serial number on the website will allow access to various privileges in addition to those offered to non-BMW drivers. Members can enter their car’s chassis serial number in the initial membership application or at a later date in the “My Profile” menu.

  3. In cases where you own more than one BMW, or if you would like to enter more than one chassis serial number, is it possible do so?

    In entering your chassis serial number in “My Profile”, the entry of only one chassis serial number is already sufficient to allow you to complete access to the website’s privileges. However, if you would like to enter more than on chassis serial number, please contact BMW’s concierge at 061-412-8888 to record your information.

  4. Can more than one member use the same chassis serial number?

    A chassis serial number is reserved for use by one member only.

The Ultimate JOY Experience
  1. Is The Ultimate JOY Experience limited to only website members?

    The right to reserve various programs on the website (The Ultimate JOY Experience) is limited to members of The Ultimate JOY Lounge only.

  2. Are the programs on the website limited only to BMW owners?

    BMW owners and non-BMW users can participate in the programs on the website. However, prices and discounts will vary depending on each program.

  3. Can someone else’s chassis serial number be used to apply for membership?

    BMW authorizes the use of chassis serial numbers of family members (parents, children and spouses only) to access special privileges on the website. However, BMW reserves the right to allow only one chassis serial number to be used per member only. In any case, in applying to join various programs of the website (usually international and nationwide programs), you will be only required to show all proper legal documentations to confirm the relationship between the applicant and the aforementioned individual.

Q&A from Facebook
  1. I’m an okay driver. I can basically drive from home to work every day; it’s nothing special. But could I take part in the BMW Alpine xDrive at New Zealand?

    It’s not a problem. You don’t need to be a great driver to drive there. The objective of these activities is to improve driving skills and help you understand how the xDrive system can put your everyday life on the road under effective control. And that’s not all. The BMW Alpine xDrive is a fun activity. Guaranteed, you will be thrilled with the icy surfaces and marvel at the magnificent views on top of snow-covered mountains. Once you pass this course, we guarantee that, in addition to becoming a better driver, you will never forget all the exciting things you experience there.

  2. I’m interested in joining The Ultimate JOY Experience. Where to find the chassis number?

    First, we’d like to let you know that BMW uses the character E as the first character of chassis serial numbers. The subsequent characters are numbers. We have been using that since 1968. However, nowadays we have changed to use the F character instead. To find these numbers, you need to open the hood of your car. Near the bottom of the windshield at the rain water grate on the driver’s side is where you’ll find it. However, if you want to do it the easy way, you don’t have to open up the hood. Just open up your vehicle registration booklet and you’ll find your chassis serial number, including your engine serial number and other things. Otherwise, you can examine your car insurance documents. Most have to be attached to the vehicle. The chassis serial number is also there. Lastly, try to look at the small square registration sticker on your windshield. The chassis serial number should also be there. All of that is easier than opening up the hood and your hands will not be dirty.

  3. I’m interested in the BMW Alpine xDrive in the alpine of New Zealand and would like to take a trip this August. But would the climate really be cold in August? Would I actually be able to experience driving on ice?

    New Zealand is located near the South Pole. Its climate is opposite to ours. Around August is their winter with temperatures averaging in single digits. It’s cold, but not severely cold. Guaranteed, the higher it is, the colder it is going to get. Up at the top of a mountain, there would be winter snow and icy ground that has not melted for sure. Additionally, the BMW Alpine xDrive takes place at the Southern Hemisphere Proving Ground on top of Mount Cardrona. You are bound to encounter snowy mountains and very cold climate. And most importantly, you will experience the most unique driving you have never experienced anywhere else.

  4. What car models are participated at BMW Alpine xDrive at New Zealand?

    Due to the geography of the Hemisphere Proving Ground, the testing ground is covered with snow for as far as the eye can see, and the surfaces are covered in snow and ice. The BMWs used belong to the xDrive family. They feature high driving performance and the xDrive intelligent 4-wheel drive system. Hence, we have X3, X4, X5, xDrive 40e and up to include the X7 and series 7 xDrive for testing. We guarantee an unforgettable impression!