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BMW (Thailand) Co., Ltd. would like to thank you for placing your trust in our products and opting to use this website. We give importance to and respect your privacy and would like to assure you that we provide the best protection for your personal information, because we understand the value of information. Therefore, we have set in place the following policy to explain how your information is collected, used and protected. We encourage you to read this policy in detail, and we hope this policy will help you feel confident about using your information with us.

  1. Data Usage

    For some services on this website, the system will ask you to enter personal information and your interests in order to confirm your status as our special customer in order to subsequently contact you via email or postal services, or to send you packages. In any case, the aforementioned information is stored, processed and forwarded to other companies inside BMW (Thailand) Co., Ltd. to allow you access to our best services and offers. We guarantee that all information is stored confidentially and in compliance with laws governing data protection.

    • Membership Application

      When you apply for membership with this website, we collect your personal information such as your first-last names, telephone number, email, membership password and BMW chassis serial number. Nevertheless, you are free to provide your personal information and interests as you please. However, access to the website’s services and privileges depends on your membership status. This is divided into three levels, beginning from basis (WHITE), and is dependent on the membership information that you provide. Additionally, you can modify your membership information at any time on the MY PROFILE page.

    • Disclosure of Information to a Third Party

      We do not use or disclose any of your information without your consent, except for some necessary cases such as the following:

      1. Reservation of rights to various activities of BMW (Thailand) Co., Ltd. for which it is necessary to share your personal information in order to protect your rights.
      2. For shipping of various products of BMW (Thailand) Co., Ltd., it is necessary to share your personal information to ensure fast and accurate delivery.
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  2. Copyright

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  3. Trademarks

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  4. Warranty and Liability

    The information on this website is made available “as is” and is not subject to any warranty whether expressed or implied and includes (but not limited to) any implied warranty of availability for sales, availability to meet any objectives and non-violation of rights by a third party. Additionally, information that has been prepared is believed to be correct information, but some errors or mistakes might be included. BMW AG and BMW (Thailand) Co., Ltd. do not take responsibility related to any person in regards to insert damages, indirect damages or damages resulting from the aforementioned information in any case whatsoever, unless such damages occur as a result of neglect or unlawful actions at the international level. BMW AG and BMW (Thailand) Co., Ltd. do not take responsibility for website content that is managed by third parties and cannot be held at fault for cases of errors linked from this website to other websites.

  5. Permit

    BMW (Thailand) Co., Ltd. tries to construct the website to provide useful and modern information. However, you need to also understand that BMW (Thailand) Co., Ltd. is required to protect its intellectual properties, composed of patents, trademarks and licenses. Therefore, please acknowledge that the use of the intellectual property of companies under BMW (Thailand) Co., Ltd. or the intellectual property of third parties is not authorized on this website.